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RWN Inc. is involved in the Marketing and Distribution of Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals / Phytoceutics finished products across Pakistan. Besides that we are also providing Indenting and Trading business services to various industries. We are backed by a team of talented professionals and have extensive experience of Healthcare industry. We believe to strengthen partnerships by offering the highest quality standards.


≣ Marketing and Distribution

RWN Inc. is involved in the marketing and distribution of Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals / Phytoceutics finished products. We develop products from different manufacturers on contract manufacturing and have sole marketing rights for some of the registered brands that include OTC healthcare items and prescription items of life saving drugs. We have a vast distribution and marketing network with more than 50 distributors in major cities of Pakistan. Our team is devoted to provide high quality products to satisfy our customer needs.

≣ Indenting and Trading Business

RWN Inc. can source the products efficiently, quickly and reliably you are inquiring at competitive prices locally and internationally. As part of the sourcing process we can sample the products for you. We work with a large network of manufacturers, whole sellers, and importers that can be very resourceful to your business. We are offering our services to Pharmaceuticals Industry, Veterinary Industry, Nutraceutical / Phytoceutical Industry and Food Industry.


➜ Indenting and Trading

✔ Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Division:

All Active and in active raw materials and their intermediates from renowned sources of the world like India, China, Far East and Europe etc. Apart from raw materials sourcing, we also provide our services for Pharma machinery, packing materials like Glass Vials, Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules etc.

✔ Veterinary Division:

We offer L- Lysine, DL- Methionine, Gaur meal, Sulphates, Furazolidone, Vitamins etc.

✔ Food and Beverage Division:

Citric Acid Mono & Anhydrous, Sodium Benzoate, and Sodium Citrate etc.

➜ Marketing and Distribution

✔ Healthcare OTC:

Food supplement sachet, Calcium & Vit D3 Softgel Capsules, Vit D3 Softgel Capsules, Q 10 Softgel Capsules, Appitizer Syrup, Vitamin A & D3 Drops, Cough Syrup, Antacid Syrup & Colic Drops

✔ Pharmaceuticals:

Cephalosporin Injectable, Cephalosporin Dry Suspension, cephalosporin Capsule, General Tablets & General Capsules.


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